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5 Dilemmas to Avoid When Building a Home

From inconvenient entranceways to poor natural lighting, a wide variety of factors can turn your dream home into an accidental nightmare. We teamed up with neXpower to learn about the five biggest dilemmas first-time homebuilders face.

Dream House

Many people dream of building a home to their exact specifications.

1. Inaccurate or incomplete budgeting
Budgeting is essential to homebuilding success. Before you even consider building a home, prepare a simple budget outlining how much you're prepared to spend on the project and what your expectations are.

As the project develops, you can expand this basic budget into a detailed, in-depth document outlining the cost of different aspects of your home. It's still important to prepare a detailed budget if you work with a contractor or construction company.

2. Bad interior layout planning
Hallways to nowhere, cramped and irritating doors, and unintuitive living spaces are all indicators of bad interior planning. There's more to a great home than just square footage – the layout and interior planning really do matter.

Sit down with an experienced architect and interior designer to discuss what you would like from your home. They will be able to help you achieve your living and design goals in a realistic, practical plan for your home.

3. Failing to think about natural light
Natural light is essential for health, comfort, and wellbeing. As a homeowner, it's also incredible useful for lighting and heating your home without major electrical expenses.

Before you finalise any plans for your home, pay attention to its direction and any local trees that could affect sunlight. In certain areas, you might need to carefully plan your window placement to maximise early morning or late afternoon sun.

4. Not valuing your own opinion
Even when you're working with architects and interior designers, your opinion is valuable. Remember that this will be your home, and that a solution is only worth something if it's what you want.

If you feel that your interior designer or architect has prioritised their goals ahead of yours, make sure your voice is heard. Offer helpful contributions and don't let a professional's vision interfere with your desires in your dream home.

5. Poorly placed entranceways
Entranceways – whether for people or vehicles – need to be placed in locations that maximise accessibility and practicality. For example, your front door should be close enough to the kitchen that you never need to haul shopping bags across your home.

Your garage or parking bay should follow a similar principle, being close enough to the kitchen and living area that accessibility is never an issue. Putting entranceways in the wrong location can make your dream home frustratingly difficult to access.

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