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Why Guest Beds Are Perfect For Visitors

If you're the house-proud type, then kitting out your guest bedroom when you can finally afford to buy a property will be a priority. Over the last few years, guest bedrooms have undergone a massive make over in our homes, and we're starting to spend more time and money on the space for our weekend visitors, and children's sleepovers.

There are a number of ways to make full use of the space in your guest bedroom, no matter how little you have to work with. From folding chairs to pull out draws, conserving space while maximising effect is the name of the game, and thankfully there are a wide variety of design companies that seem to have got it spot on.

Guest beds for all occasions

Creating A Guest Bedroom
There are two types of guest bedrooms: one that is, and one that isn't. The ones that aren't are usually studies, spare rooms, a place for general items that you haven't found space for, or even walk-in wardrobes. If you're really looking to add a guest sleeping area to your home, then these places can be easily transformed, and you can even keep using the room for the original purpose.

Folding beds are one of the best ways to make a typical spare room into a guest room, and it costs a lot less than specifically making a spare room into a complete guest bedroom. Not only can these beds be stored in wardrobes, cupboards, or even within furniture like sofas, but they're also very cheap compared to a full sized bed. Furthermore, they're very easy to move around, and can be fitted almost anywhere where there's space to be filled.

For example, you may want to adapt your study to accommodate friends and family when they stay over. There may not be enough space when it comes to the typical guest beds, but you still want to offer comfortable sleeping conditions; this is where a fold down bed will come in handy! As long as there's enough space for a mattress to flip down, then there are a variety of wardrobes you can buy to fit into your spare room. If things are looking a little tight, you can even take the bespoke route, and get a fold down bed wardrobe made specifically for the space.

What if you don't have a guest bedroom though, and you need a guest bed for something as sporadic as a child's sleepover? That is where airbeds and beds that can slide under your child's bed can be extremely effective. These sleeping solutions are great, as they are easy to set up and can be quickly put away once the sleepover has finished.

Air beds and slide under beds are the perfect storage saving solutions as they can often be completely hidden from view once finished with. Air beds in particular can be placed into small boxes once deflated that can then be hidden into almost any nuck and cranny.

Making The Most Out Of Your Guest Room
If you've made a complete guest bedroom out of your spare room, then there's no need to worry about buying pull out furniture or wardrobes with beds in them. But that doesn't mean you should let your standards slip.

It's the little things that make people take notice of your guest bedrooms, and although it's not a hotel, it's best to make the people who are staying as comfortable as possible. We're not talking a side table with a hot drink facilities, but a television, personal computer and mood lighting are nice touches that will make your room stand out If you really want to shine, silk sheets on your guest bed are always a winner.

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