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A Brief Guide to a Greener Bathroom Design

Green living and indeed, green building, is becoming increasingly popular. We’re becoming conscious of the impact our lifestyle choices have on the planet, as well as our own health.
There are choices you can make when remodelling your bathroom that will lead to a greener design and minimise the impact your renovation will have on the environment.
Here’s a few reasons why should try make your design eco-friendly and a few ways you can go about it in your bathroom.

Benefits of designing a greener bathroom

Why go green?
Aside from feeling better about reducing the impact your remodelling will have on the environment, there are other reasons that would motivate green choices:

Lower operating costs – Green design means better energy and water efficiency which, in turn, means reduced utility bills

Less maintenance – The need for repairs and maintenance is reduced by using longer lasting materials

A healthier indoor environment – Fewer chemicals and efficient air filtration systems mean a healthier environment in your bathroom

More comfortable – Green homes have fewer drafts and better humidity control, meaning your home will be more comfortable across all the seasons

Greener Bathrooms

How to create a greener bathroom
So there are a number of reasons why you would want to make green considerations in your entire remodelling project, not just your bathroom. Now let’s look at some specific ways of making your bathroom greener.

Your selection of energy-efficient fixtures and sustainable building resources will benefit your quality of life in the home, as well as the environment.

Flooring –Reclaimed wood, bamboo or recycled glass tile are all options if you want to . You may also try natural cork, which is sustainably forested and chemical free.

Low-flow fixtures – Low-flow taps, shower heads and toilets are the same as their standard counterparts, whilst using a fraction of their water amount.

Countertops – There are a variety of environmentally friendly countertop materials. Sustainable surfacing is made from glass and concrete; which is as strong as granite and less porous than marble.

Low VOC paints – Paints and stains create volatile organic compounds which can cause serious health problems. Low VOC paints are better for your health and better for the environment.

Ventilation – Many say the key to comfort and energy conservation is ventilation. An Energy-Star rated fan will provide more ventilation capacity at a lower wattage

Other tips
It’s not just in the refurbishment that you can make eco-friendly design decisions. There are small, everyday changes you can make to your bathroom that will reduce the impact your bathroom has on the environment.

One of the easiest things you can do is use an organic or hemp shower curtain and organic bath mats. As well as being sourced organically, being eco-friendly here will also stop you breathing in the plastic during your long, hot showers.

There are also choices to be made in terms of cleaning both yourself and the bathroom. For yourself, use organic soaps and dispensers made from recycled or recyclable materials. In terms of cleaning the bathroom, you can use natural alternatives to bleach that will work just as well.

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