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How to Choose the Right Gazebo

Choosing a gazebo can be difficult when you don't know what you're looking for. There are a variety of different types, from permanent wooden ones to pop up gazebos that can be up and down again (if you've practiced enough) within an hour. Not only that there are many different companies that make them, so finding one that works for you can be incredibly frustrating.

Picking your Gazebo

How Will You Use Your Gazebo?
If you want something to admire your garden from or to eat in on a sunny afternoon, then you probably want to consider something more permanent. Wooden ones are more complicated to erect that pop up gazebos, but you are constructing them only once, and they should remain there indefinitely.

If, however, you want a gazebo just for your back gaIden when you have parties, then something less permanent and something easy to put up. You should also take into consideration whether you'll want to take it to other places, as some gazebos are lightweight and have carry cases for ease of travel.

How Big Does It Need to Be?
If you've decided on a permanent gazebo, then it's likely to be smaller than a pop up version. You probably just want to have a couple of sun loungers or a dining set, but you should always make sure that it is big enough before you purchase anything. You should also take into consideration how big your garden is, as you don't want it to take up too much of your outdoor space.

A pop up gazebo for a party will need to be much bigger. As long as it fits into your garden, there isn't much of an issue of space. You should know how much ground you want to cover with a gazebo, as if it does turn out to be a sunny day your party guests will be disappointed if they can't get out.

What Style Do You Want?
There are quite a few different styles of gazebo, and the one that you choose should be cohesive with the style of garden that you have, particularly so if you're opting for a permanent gazebo. If, for instance, you were buying a pop up gazebo for a wedding, then you would definitely need a white canopy as opposed to a green one. Purpose as well as location is important.

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