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Transform Your Garden with a Get-Away Room

If you've ever wanted to get away from the bustle of the rest of the house and find some personal space for working or hobbies, a get-away garden room could be the answer. Sheds often don't provide the kind of solace and comfort that is necessary because they tend to be unheated and reserved for storing gardening tools, potted plants and bags of compost. For those who wish that their sheds were more comfortable and spacious, the garden room provides a stylish and practical solution.

Garden Room Uses

Office Space
A garden office can be a spectacular addition to you property and a productive place to work, away from the noise and stress of a busy household. Don't plan your garden office too far away from the house because you'll need to use Wi-Fi and the telephone line. Make sure you have plenty of shelving space, a sturdy desk and a practical office chair.

Exercise Room
Whether you're interested in a full-blown home gym or a more low-key space to practice dancing or yoga, the garden get-away room can provide the answer. Think small spotlights set into the ceiling and a smooth laminate floor.

Hobby Space
If you're a collector of books, vinyl or other memorabilia, a garden room provides excellent storage space. The rest of the family won't complain about your collection taking up much-needed room in the house if you have a specific facility in the garden to house your collection. For music collectors, think about soft chairs or beanbags and a sound system so that you can listen to your CDs or records in comfort and without disturbing anyone. If you're interested in building models, set up a work bench and plenty of shelves to display what you've made. If you're a hands-on sort of person, you can make your own shelving units cheaply and easily.

Choosing a Garden Room
When selecting the right garden room for you, make sure you do some research into the company that will offer the best deal, without sacrificing quality or your individual requirements. Choose a firm that will sort out planning permission for you, so that this part of the process is hassle-free and you don't have to compromise on the height or size of your building. TG Escapes provides eco-friendly options for garden rooms that are designed to reduce environmental impact by using minimal concrete in the foundations and sustainably sourced wood.

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