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How to have a one-of-a-kind garden paying less money

As soon as finished remodeling your house, perhaps there're not too much money left for arranging the garden, so you should establish your budget; think about what you need to carry out the project. Do not worry if everything is a little confusing at first sight, it will take some time until the plants from the paper will arrive on in the garden.

Planning your Garden

Fortunately, you can make substantial savings when you decorate your garden. You just have to know how to do to protect your budget without compromising the quality of the materials. Here are some simple tips to help you decorate your garden with little money.


• Make a well developed plan - Sketch on paper how you want to look your garden, where you want to put the flower beds and where you'll position the driveway and vegetables. In this way you avoid buying plants that do not fit where you want, but at the same time avoid any errors that could cause you to spend extra money.

• Analyze prices - Sometimes, prices may vary between stores, so if you want to save money when you decorate the garden would be ideal if you compare prices. No need to choose the lowest price if it betrays the questionable quality of the materials used for the garden.

• Do not succumb to temptation –Many temptations, as superb exotic plants to modern pieces of garden furniture will arise. Before spending money on them, think about whether are really necessary. Exotic plants, for example, are demanding specific environmental conditions and cost a lot. A beautiful and stylish garden can be obtained using conventional plant. Ornamental grass and succulents looks sensational and requires only a minimum of care.

• Collect the seeds of vegetables and flowers - Collecting seeds of vegetables and flowers help you have an aesthetic and productive garden year after year, without spending extra money. Instead of buying tomato seedlings, which cost a lot, you can use the seeds to obtain their own seedlings.

• Recycle is appropriate - In planning the garden, old things sometimes look better than new ones because they offer extra authenticity to space. In addition, it is now fashionable to recycle old things and give a new use to make savings.

• Mow the grass much shorter than it should; if it was trimmed by 2-3 cm less would have stronger roots, it would not require many maintenance treatments. If you want to have a lawn, it is much cheaper to own than to buy those sowing of grass carpets you to mount in the yard.

• Perennial flowers are often slightly more expensive, but over time prove more economical to build these borders with flowers. You might try perennial with small shrubs that feel good both in the sun and in the shade of the garden. If you have any club in the village of gardeners, you can ask for help to make the best possible decisions in choosing plants to be located in a certain area of your garden.

• After you have finished planting, draw a map of the garden and mark the places where you placed each type of flower. It can be a pretty important detail if, for example, want to sell the house as the new owner may want to know what types of flowers you have. Also make sure you keep track of purchases of plants.

Remember, many perennials are sold cheaper after the season. You can check your local greenhouses or other associations in the town where you live to find discount prices flowers.

• Avoid cement-While so-called "professionals" use cement for setting paths in the garden, a good advice is to use decorative stone tiles or stone to create driveways.

• Depending on where you live, the water needed for watering plants or lawn can cost a fortune, especially if you have a garden that is full of such flowers. You can avoid this increased consumption by putting into practice a decor - based on local flora and cultivation of drought resistant plants to reduce the water consumption.

• Always find new opportunities-Sales of flowers, especially those occurring in late summer or autumn, are a great way to buy perennials at more than affordable prices. In addition, looking to find gardeners willing to exchange plants and always try to identify new opportunities to develop your garden.

Local stone quarries can sell the material you need at a price several times less likely than decorative stone in stores-it is cheaper, looks better and covers a large area for much less money. Flowers must be chosen to give a colored life to your court and cheer it and is preferable to be propagated those species that possibly climbs, thus embellishing or surrounding walls and fence.

The landscaped garden is ready with minimal investment and looks splendid no matter how cheap things are in it, if all fitted with good taste and imagination.

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