How to do DIY

DIY Ideas for Your Garden

If your garden needs a new lease of life, why not try some simple do-it-yourself ideas so you can make the most of the outdoor space you have? DIY garden projects can bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction and pride, and they are perfect for those on a budget or those who don't relish the prospect of having their garden fully landscaped by a professional.

Reduce the Risk

Add Colour
Brighten up that old wooden bench by painting each slat a different colour. You can choose a pastel colour scheme for a really classy look or get the kids involved and allow them to pick the colours. If your garden is in need of more colourful plants, read this guide.

Build Raised Beds
Building some raised beds for growing flowers or vegetables can be an excellent project for those who are good with their hands. Raised beds hold a custom mixture of soil and compost so your crops have the best growing conditions. You can pack plants together so that weeds are crowded out and you'll receive higher yields when growing vegetables. Constructing raised beds is easy as long as you plan correctly, and a variety of materials can be used, including brick, wood, rock and concrete.

Remember to:
- Choose a north-south aspect to maximise the amount of light your plants get
- Prepare the site by removing turf and weeds
- Mark out your bed with string before you start digging
- Lay the ground with hardware fabric to discourage weeds and other pests

Scent Your Patio
If you have a patio area that needs some clever energizing, try filling small bowls with coffee beans and placing a vanilla tea light in the middle. The heat from the tea light will release the scent from the coffee beans and soon your patio will smell like French vanilla coffee.

Make Your Fencing Work for You
Look for high quality traditional wooden fencing, like the panels from Buy Fencing Direct, for a rustic feel. If you have a small garden, why not encourage climbing roses, clematis or jasmine to cover your fencing? The wonderful scents of these plants will be much more concentrated in a small space. Another idea is to paint your fencing to match your garden's colour scheme or to commit to covering your fencing with a mural. Don't be afraid to get creative – it is your garden after all!

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