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Floors and lighting - always top priority

If you’re remodelling and you’re planning how to make your home look great; always start with flooring and lighting – the rest is mere detail!

OK, I’m exaggerating, but these two decorating variables are, by far, the most important fundamental style points provided the place is basically structurally sound.

Flooring and Lighting

In many ways, flooring and lighting are like the canvas and frame on which an artist paints. If these two things are in place and looking right – almost anything else you add will look good.

It’s also important to realise that these are the two things not to try and save money on. There are loads of ways you can save money when planning the interior design, but don’t let either of these variables be one of them if there are quality issues at stake.

With flooring – a real wood finish looks great in almost any setting. Wood is warm in the winter and cool in the summer and it always looks superb. These days – that means choosing either real wood or at the very least, real wood veneers – or “engineered” flooring.  This means that all you see is real wood.

Next, get the lighting experts in. Lighting is a highly technical area that really makes a home what it is – and it’s the single most neglected area by most DIY-ers in the area of interior design. This is a fundamental mistake. The problem is that we all think we’re exerts, but we simply aren’t. Just ask any lighting engineer what s/he thinks for some basic advice and you’ll soon see what I mean. In many ways, your home is only as good as its light.

Once you’ve got these two fundamentals in place - you can start planning the easier and more fun stuff, like furnishings. These are things you can save money on. With the right lighting combined with the right flooring – a cheap dining table and chairs can really look the business.

So always choose the right fundamentals and the right things to save money on and your home will look wonderful.

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