How to do DIY

How to Fit a Floor in your Property

If you are looking to renovate an area of your home on a budget, it is worth embracing the principles of DIY and executing some tasks independently. The key to is segregate individual tasks according to their complexity and safety implications, as this will help you to differentiate between those that you are capable of undertaking and others that require a professional touch.

Fitting a floor certainly belongs to the former category, as it is a relatively simple task that owes more to physical labour and common sense than any form of technical skill.

Tips for fitting a floor

How to Fit a Residential Floor in 3 Easy Steps
With this in mind, what 3 practical steps should you take when looking to fit a floor in your home Consider the following: -

  • Choose your Material Wisely: It stands to reason that some flooring materials should be more difficult to fit than others, and your choice must reflect your ability and the wider artistic vision that you have for your home. Materials such as wood, laminate and vinyl are all particularly simple to lay, for example, which at least partially explains why these products have become so popular during the last decade. Simple laminate flooring can be installed in less than a day, while there are also instruction guides that can ease the process and help you to execute a high standard of workmanship.

  • Be Precise in your Approach and Recording of Measurements: There are several practical considerations that will influence the success of your project, and you must ensure that you have prepared meticulously prior to laying your floor. In addition to determining the exact shape of your space and its measurements, you should also decide the best direction in which to lay the flooring and ensure that you have enough material to meet you requirements. Remember that the physical process of laying the floor is relatively straightforward, but only if you pay attention to detail and plan with tremendous care and forethought.

  • Create Straight Lines for a Sleek, Professional Finish: When it comes to manually laying your floor, bear in mind that the first actions are the most important. In the case of laying laminate, for example, it is critical that your first plank is absolutely straight and placed in line with your carefully drawn up plans. If this is slightly crooked or slanted, the remainder of the planks will follow suit and create an uneven finish that looks extremely unprofessional. It may even leave gaps around the edges of the flooring, which undermine the aesthetic even further and may even impinge on any potential resale value of your home.

The Bottom Line
Another key consideration is the quality of the material that you use, especially if you intend to lay flooring in high traffic areas of your home. Resources such as will provide you with access to a versatile range of product options, ranging from natural oak to painted panels

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