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Top tips to safely install curtain poles

Fitting curtain poles is not only a frustrating task, but a dangerous one if instructions aren't followed thoroughly. When you consider the size of some windows, it's good to do a bit of preparation beforehand to prevent you being constantly up and down your ladder. Whilst you will be given instructions from the manufacturer, there are also a few basic tips to follow that should make the fitting of any curtain pole as painless as possible.

Fit Curtain Poles

Measure your windows

There are a couple of measurements you need to take before purchasing and fitting your curtain pole. The brackets usually extend from the window by about 15-20cms and about 15cms above. One thing you need to check is whether there are any sockets or switches within 30cm of the window. If there are, there's a good chance that their wires will be running through the walls. In this case, alternative measurements may be needed to prevent causing damage to your home, and yourself.
Another thing to consider is the accessories or decoration on your curtain poles. If you are going to have any finials or similar add-ons to the poles, make sure your measurements allow for this.

Assemble pole
The next step is fairly simple, but unbeknownst to some, curtain poles can come in a number of parts. They are usually sold in two halves, so are relatively straight forward to put together. Once this is done, measure the pole again just to be sure your measurements were correct.

Get a drill
To fit your two brackets to the wall, you will require the use of a drill. This is where your note of sockets and switches will come in handy as drilling through them could be extremely dangerous. It may be worth using an electrical stud finder during this too, as these help you identify the wiring from switches and other power outlets. If you are drilling through a concrete wall, you will probably need a drill with hammer action.

Make your mark
Use the dimensions of your pole to make marks on the wall for where you want your two curtain brackets to go. It's entirely up to you, but it's probably wise to use a pencil when doing this. When you're sure you've got your measurements correct, drill the holes.

Install brackets
Once you've drilled your holes, screw the brackets in. This can be done manually, but the process is sped up by replacing your drill bit with a screwdriver bit. In the case of an extremely heavy pole, it's probably wise to use wall anchors to assist you.

Erect the pole
Once your brackets are in place, all you need to do now is place the pole into them. As a time saving measure, you may find it useful to hang the curtains from the pole before you put them up. Depending on the height of the window, a second step ladder with a second set of hands may be required to make this as easy as possible. Once this is done, so is your work.

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