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Electric Radiators

The electric radiator may seem like you'd be tipping money down the drain, but the latest innovations in heating and design technology mean that electric radiators are now highly efficient and cheap to run. They are slowly growing in popularity as people realise how efficient and how aesthetically different they are.

Electric Radiator Benefits

The Advantages of Electric Radiators
There are many advantages to electric radiators over storage heaters or gas heating. The first is that they are able to provide heat to places where a gas supply is not present, such as converted rooms, as well as in bathrooms.

The electric radiators from IntelliHeat are designed so that they heat up quickly and retain the required temperature well. Their patented thermostats gauges the amount of power needed to retain the temperature and therefore only uses the minimum amount of power needed, making it a highly efficient process.

They require very minimal maintenance, as there is no need for a yearly service. The installation too is relatively fuss free and inexpensive compared with a normal radiator, and can be done within a day.

They are fully controllable, as they come with electronic, programmable thermostats. This means that you'll be able to heat your home more efficiently. Instead of heating the entire house at once, simply heat certain rooms that you know you'll use. For instance, in the morning, you may only need the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen to be warm, whereas when you get home from work in the evening you may only need the living room to be warm. With these types of electric heaters you are able to only heat the rooms you need and cut down on wasted heat and money.

They look more stylish than ugly storage heaters or traditional radiators. They are available in a variety of different designs and colours to suit your decor, and don't impose as much of an eyesore as other types of radiator.

IntelliHeat is a company specialising in electric radiators that are economical, efficient and beautiful. They have three different ranges of affordable electric radiator so they are bound to have one that suits you and your style perfectly. They can be installed vertically as well as horizontally on the wall, so you can have heaters where you thought you couldn't. With no need for pipes, installation for their radiators is simple. Installation takes less than one day, and you can start saving on your energy bill straight away.

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