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How to Furnish Your Home in an Eco-Friendly Sustainable Way

Protect the environment with eco-friendly home furniture. By choosing the right furniture, you can create a comfortable and stylish interior at a minimal environmental cost. Simple changes to your routine like searching for logos from environmental responsibility groups or shopping in antique stores can make a big difference to the environmental footprint of your living room

Eco Friendly Furniture

The four simple tips outlined in this article might seem small and insignificant, but a dedicated effort towards using them in your interior decorating efforts can and will make the world a cleaner, greener, and more eco-friendly place.

1. Buy some furniture in antique stores
There's no need to furnish your entire home in antique furniture. However, by using antique furniture for everyday items such as bedside cabinets and coffee tables, you can significantly reduce the environmental impact of your decorating.

A massive amount of stylish, functional furniture is thrown away every year because of changing tastes and the impression that new is best. Recycle by searching for your furniture in antique stores and on second-hand furniture websites.

2. Check furniture for the FSC logo
The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit group that focuses on promoting sustainable forestry. Its logo – a black tree stencil with 'FSC' underneath – is a guarantee that furniture has been made using sustainable forest materials.

Some trees are under threat due to unsustainable forestry practices and exploitation from large corporations. The FSC logo lets you know that you're buying high quality furniture from a company that cares about the environment.

3. Buy furniture made from sustainable materials
Not all forests are under threat. Certain plants and trees grow at an incredible pace, resulting in a rapid recovery from even the most excessive forestry efforts. Bamboo is one of these materials – a strong, highly functional plant that's not endangered.

Whenever possible, shop for furniture that's made using sustainable materials such as bamboo and organic cotton. These are farmed and processed using sustainable, eco-friendly practices that cause far less damage to the environment.

4. Buy high quality, long-lasting furniture
You can help the environment without buying bamboo furniture or searching for an FSC logo. By purchasing high quality furniture that will last for decades – or even for generations – you can prevent the need to buy additional furniture in the future.

Walk into the furniture store with a long-term approach to your home's furniture. A dining table that lasts for 50 years is a great investment that, as well as helping the environment, can help you save money over the long term.

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