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Easy Patio Project: A Six-Step DIY Plan

Transforming your patio area is not as daunting as you might think and even with some basic DIY knowledge and skills, you should be able to complete an easy patio project.

If you want to install some patio tiles in order to create a stunning entertaining and living space it is a DIY job you can tackle with a degree of confidence. Here is a quick look at what you need and an insight into how to complete the task.

Six steps to build a patio

Get all of your tools and materials sorted
It’s always a good idea to plan ahead before you start a DIY job. Before starting your patio project make sure you put together a list of all of the tools and material you will need.

Once you have everything you will be able to get stuck into the job without any delays or issues.

Your list should include a calculation of how many patio tiles you need and materials such as gravel or limestone for the base.

Prepare the area
The next step involves marking out the area that is g where your patio is going to be laid and preparing the ground.

You will need to get to work with your spade to remove the sod and soil that is in the area so you are left with a base that is about eight inches deep plus the depth of the tiles that you are going to be laying.

Once the ground is prepared you might want to line the area with some landscape fabric. This will help prevent weeds from coming through.

Build your base
Using a combination of gravel and sand you can now build the patio base.

Once you have laid the area it’s time to use a compactor to flatten and compact the area in preparation for laying your patio tiles.

Make sure that the patio has a slight slope away from the house if it is being located near your property

Laying the patio
The best method for successfully laying your patio is to start on one side and work your way across.

If you find that some of the tiles or stones aren’t as level as you want when they are laid, the way to resolve this problem is to add some extra sand underneath until it sits right.

Apply jointing sand
Once you have managed to lay all of your patio you will need to top it with sand.

Polymeric jointing sand should be applied over the patio before using a stiff broom to sweep the sand over the surface. Make sure you take the time and care to ensure that the sand covers all of the cracks.

Once you have removed the excess sand using a leaf blower you should water the surface using a hose with a fine mist setting. This will gently help the sand to settle between the spaces.

Looking after your patio
Your patio should now be ready to use once you have allowed everything to dry and settle.

If you want it to maintain its good looks over time you should schedule some regular maintenance for your patio. Adding a bit of extra sand periodically will help everything stay in place and keep it looking smart.

As you can see, laying a patio is a DIY job that should be well within your abilities and it will be a great source of pride and enjoyment every time you are relaxing on the patio that you created.

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