How to do DIY

Why is DIY gaining in popularity across the UK?

The economic downturn meant that many who would never have considered themselves competent with a drill or saw have set to work and carried out their own home renovations or repairs. The need to save money reintroduced the post war concept of 'make do and mend' which is a far cry from the brash consumerism of the early millennium years.

Know your limitations

You can do anything if you put your mind to it
The public has started to realise that many jobs in the home don't have to involve the services of an expensive repair team. For example, if your dishwasher breaks down then don't exchange it for a new model, have a look at this article on dishwasher repair and see if you can carry out the necessary work yourself.

Sometimes carrying out home repairs requires confidence as well as skill. Home improvement programmes on TV have also helped to introduce the public to the concept that most people can transform their broken appliances safely. Never confuse confidence with arrogance though; the amateur should never attempt to mend certain electrical goods and you should only attempt to carry out home repairs once you've taken all safety precautions into account.

DIY can be good for you
Some DIY projects are very satisfying. If you've had an exasperating week at the office and you want to let off some steam, then knocking down a wall could save you a massive psychiatrist's bill and you'll feel that you've achieved something of value.

Of course, always make sure that the wall you're demolishing isn't a supporting wall or your whole house could collapse! DIY projects can certainly give a feeling of control and will help restore a sense of independence and pride.

Sometimes it's quicker to do a job yourself
You may find that it's quicker to carry out a repair or even paint your house yourself rather than wasting time waiting for the experts to arrive. An article in The Guardian points out that you should be aware of safety regulations if you want to indulge in some DIY though – for example, if you want to paint the exterior of your house, you may have to hire scaffolding.

You should also take into account that you'll have to clean the surface that you intend to paint; decorating isn't just a matter of slapping some paint on a wall after all.

The rise in DIY TV programmes
Another reason for the growing popularity of DIY is the increased number of TV programmes giving tips about the subject. Whether you want to restore and remodel your home for under £100,000 or you feel an urgent need to recycle every unused possession, you'll soon find a programme that will encourage you in your DIY hobby.

It's important to remember that you won't have a team of researchers in the background to come to your rescue should your project fall through. Only set about your task if you have the time, talent and dedication to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion or you may have to spend twice as much employing a professional to put right your DIY wrongs.

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