How to do DIY

DIY Apps

Gone are the days when you need to rely on home magazines and catalogues to help you with your latest DIY project; for our convenience apps help with both major and minor improvements. To ensure you don't miss out order a smartphone capable of installing them.

Handy DIY Apps

One of the best DIY apps for both systems is the DIY Calculator. This ingenious app has been featured on The Gadget Show and is definitely great value for money at only 69p from iTunes or free from Google Play. The DIY Calculator helps estimate the amount of equipment/material needed, it covers four options with a wallpaper, painting, flooring and tiling option. Simply input the dimensions and the results are there for you to make note of, or email them to yourself.

Another handy widget is Home 3D. Solely for IOS this brilliant app offers an innovative approach to organising/designing your interior space. It allows you to build a 3D version of your house which you can then virtually tour. This is helpful for everyone wanting to know if certain pieces of furniture will fit in that room, or if an extension would look right there. Download from Apple for a small fee.

A handy DIY app designed specifically for Android is Smart Tools and it will fast become the only home improvement kit you need. Separated into five pro sections you are provided with a total of 15 tools in one place and ready to use at the swipe of your finger. Your tool arsenal will never have been so convenient.

A simple and often overlooked necessity is the to-do list; 2Do has been created especially for this purpose. Available for both IOS and Android mobiles this app is a powerful task manager that focuses your tasks without complication or fuss. Furthermore, you can sync your list using several methods such as Dropbox.

Palettes is yet another indispensable app that will ease the stress associated with DIY projects. This helps you maintain colour schemes or create new ones. You can store colours on the go whenever a palette grabs your attention - from either a website, photograph or via the colour models included in the app. Painting, decorating and mixing colours has never been so easy and enjoyable.

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