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3 of The Best Ways to Reduce Heating Bills

As we approach the end of summer, now is the time to think of ways to save costs for the coming winter months. Getting it done now will allow you to enjoy your festivities in comfort and warmth whilst also reducing your bills. This article will explain three of the best way to reduce your bills and help improve the energy efficiency of your house.

Ways to help reduce your utility bills

Double Glazing
The windows and doors that you have fitted in your home can be one of the most beneficial investments that you make throughout living in your property. However, they can also be one of the biggest hindrances to you and your finances as if they are not energy efficient, they are more than likely going to be losing you significant amounts of heat and therefore costing you much more money.

Making the decision to get double glazed uPVC windows is one of the most beneficial changes you can make in a property. Not only will it add financial value to your home, it will also have a positive effect on your energy bills. Modern energy rated uPVC windows can save you hundreds of pounds throughout the year, stopping anywhere between 50-70% of heat from escaping. By retaining the heat, it means that your heating needn’t be on for as long or as frequently.

By choosing A rated energy efficient uPVC windows, this is singlehandedly one of the most positive investments on your home and with modern advances such as heat locking glass which is coated with a special layer of heat reflecting coating, all contribute towards cheaper bills and warmer houses as well as making your home more secure.

Thermal insulation is another very effective way of decreasing your bills. Although large amounts of hot air can escape through the windows and doors, just as much, if not even more can escape through poor or a lack of thermal insulation. Containing heat rather than constantly generating it is a much cheaper and more viable option and you will notice a dramatic decrease in your heating bills if this is done properly.

Several layers of insulation does not mean its better as the air just gets trapped in between the layers. Therefore it is worth investing in a single insulating material that is proven to work such as Celotex. Offering the latest in thermal insulation, this company is a large and reputable company for insulating your home. Installing it in both your wall cavities, floor cavities and loft space is the best way to have complete heat insulation that will simply bounce the heat back into your home rather than it escaping through patchy gaps in your insulation.

Easy to install and relatively cheap compared to other alternatives, it is easy to see why this is becoming a more and more popular implementation in many homes, especially period properties where the current insulation may be worn or damaged.

Possible the most important factor in trying to reduce your bills and living costs is your boiler. As the main component that generates your heat and utilises your gas or electricity to do so, it is simple to see how this can be a very costly component if it is not working properly or as efficiently as it could be. With the latest advances in technology and energy efficiency, there are now a range of available boilers that generate heat for both your heating system and water.

Combi boilers offer the best of all worlds in terms of space saving, efficiency, cost and performance. Heating both your water and central heating, the boiler supplies appliances in your home such as shower, taps and baths with direct water from the boiler. This has many advantages, such as instant hot water, high pressure throughout all appliances as there is no pump so it works directly off the initial pressure of your taps and because it comes directly from the boiler, there is no need for a water tank which means you don’t have to pay to heat up a 100 litre tank in your attic when you’re not using it.

Finally, as one of the cheapest and quickest boilers to install it means that whilst saving money on your bills through the innovative design of the boiler itself, the initial investment of a new boiler will not cost as much as others would.

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