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DIY - Cutting Quartz Tiles in a Neat Manner

Quartz is a strong and an endearing stone that is just like granite. It is preferred to be used in bathrooms and kitchen as countertops for their sturdiness and solidity. However, they are brittle and thus have to be cut in a precise manner. Here we will teach you how to cut quartz tiles on own, with finesse and precision.

Preparing and cutting quartz tiles

Things Required –

  • Measuring Tape
  • Marking Chalk
  • A bottle of Hairspray
  • Safety glasses
  • Heavy Gloves
  • Diamond-bladed wet saw


  1. First of all measure all those cuts that are to be made. Take the measurements with a measuring tape and mark it with a colored chalk. Mark it in such a way that the markings are clearly visible on the quartz slab. To settle the chalk marks, lightly spray hairspray on to it. There is no need to worry as these marking can be later cleaned with a damp cloth.
  2. Now, wear suitable gloves and also safety glasses so that stone splinters do not injure your hands or eyes. Cover your nose also so that fine quartz dust does not enter your respiratory system. Now take wet saw having diamond blades and fill its reservoir-tank with water. It is important to fill the saw with water as its wet blades would effectively cut the hard quartz.
  3. Now keep the quartz on a sturdy platform in such way that it can be easily adjusted while cutting its various angles. Align the diamond-blade of the wet saw along the first marked line that you want to cut upon.
  4. Before you actually bring the diamond-blades in contact with the quartz stone, first wet the blades thoroughly. Put the speed of the saw on low and dampen its blades thoroughly. After dampening it well, gradually increase the saw’s speed to the medium pace.
  5. Now carefully place your hand steadily on the corner side of the quartz slab that you want to cut. Make sure that you hand is at safe distance from the marking that you are about to cut. Even slight carelessness can result in serious injury so that care.
  6. While one hand would be holding the saw, use the free hand to maneuver the quartz conveniently. Push the slab of the quartz with firm hands until the entire marking has been cut by the saw.

Similarly cut all the markings carefully, until you get the desired shape of the quartz stone.

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