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How to Cut Plywood to Size

If you were to spend twenty minutes or so browsing the Internet, you would find hundreds of informative DIY articles aimed at tackling specific challenges within the home.

While this is extremely useful, there are also a host of fundamental DIY tasks that are essential to a large number of domestic projects. It is therefore important to learn some of the more basic and universal DIY skills, as this will enable you to become a more efficient craftsman and complete multiple chores around the home.

Cutting Plywood

How to Cut Plywood to Size
One of the most common and fundamental DIY tasks is the cutting of plywood to a specific size. Regardless of its use, it is imperative that you are able to complete this task responsibly while also being extremely accurate in your measurements. Consider the following steps towards achieving this: -

Lay the Plywood Securely and Take Accurate Measurements
To begin with, take the plywood sheet and lay it good side down on a stable work surface. After making sure that the surface is even, you must then measure the length and width dimensions that you will be cutting the plywood sheet to, before using a pencil to mark your measurements.

To ensure greater accuracy, it is also worth snapping a chalk line in between these points so that you have a clear cutting guide when using your circular saw. Finally, extend the side of the plywood sheet over the edge of the work surface to avoid cutting into the table.

Use a 2-by-4 as your Cutting Guide
Next, you will need to source a 2-by-4 to serve as your cutting guide. Simply place the 2-by-4 down on the plywood sheet and line up one edge in a way that will place the blade of your saw directly over your predetermined chalk lines.

Once it has been positioned accurately, simply clamp the 2-by-4 tightly to the edge of the plywood sheet. The process of clamping the 2-by-4 to the plywood can undermine your level of accuracy, so once they are secure be sure to double-check the positioning before cutting.

Use your Circular Saw Safely and Effectively
Now is the time to use your circular saw, but it is crucial that you operate in a safe manner while also optimising your efficiency. An estimated 15,100 DIY injuries occur each year as a result of saws, so you must learn how to use the product safely and ensure that you also have accompanying equipment such as protective gloves and googles.

In terms of maintaining accuracy, your best bet is to make a shallow pass down the chalk line with your circular saw, while trailing the edge of the saw along the carefully positioned 2-by-4. For more information on how to effectively use a circular saw, check out this video.

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