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10 Tips For Creating a Contemporary Living Space

Creating a contemporary living space is not as tough as you may think. In fact, it can be done with a few key pieces of furniture and some clever decorating ideas. Here are ten tips that will help you create a living space to fall in love with.

Guide to a DIY living room renovation

Create A Focal Point

It can be anything from an amazing round mirror, to a cool modern dresser or even just a bold figurine that catches your eye. The idea here is that you want your living space to have one outstanding feature/object which will act as the central point of interest for visitors and guests. Make sure it stands out though; don't make it blend in with everything else in your room.

Build up around this focal point using relatively neutral colours like cream or light greys (rather than bright colours). This way all attention should stay focused on what's important - the object itself. Don't forget about accessories either; choose shades that complement each other well if you're adding more items into the mix.

Don't make the mistake of choosing a focal point that's too small, because it'll get lost in an already busy room and will not serve its purpose. You can probably go for something larger if you have lots of space, but there are no rules here so just think about what works best for your home/room when deciding on sizes.

Try To Avoid Clutter By Keeping Everything Organised

If you're working with limited storage space then this tip is especially important - try to keep all surfaces clear from unnecessary items at all times. You can do this by using baskets or storage boxes underneath tables etc... This way whenever someone comes over they won't see things lying around everywhere, which might look messy and unappealing. If you have enough storage space then you can get away with having a few items on display, but this should be rare.

This doesn't just apply to surfaces either; avoid piles of papers and books etc... by using bookcases or shelves if possible. Clutter will make an area look messy, no matter how well it's decorated so don't allow it!

Be Creative When Choosing Colours For Your Furniture

Colour is one aspect that most people tend to overlook in their quest for creating a contemporary looking living space but there are only really two rules which need following - use cool tones rather than warm ones (eg: navy blue instead of red) and avoid using lots of bright colours (eg: hot pink, neon orange etc...).

If you need inspiration then check out interior design magazines or browse through Pinterest to give yourself a few ideas. It's also nice to see what different brands can offer when buying new furniture, so take a look around before committing to anything just in case the specific colour/style that you want isn't available at your local store.

Think About Lighting Carefully

Lighting is an important aspect because it creates atmosphere and affects moods which will influence how guests feel when they come over. You don't have to use overhead spots for this purpose though; instead try adding lamps into the mix with table lights being another alternative.

The colour of the bulbs is especially important because if you use a warm tone then this will influence how inviting and cozy your living space feels - which could be great for creating a relaxing environment that invites people to stay longer. You can create an interesting look by going for different coloured shades too, but make sure that these are used sparingly (one lamp max for a pop of colour) otherwise the room might end up looking cheap, rather than stylish.

Consider Getting Some New Furniture

Even when working with limited storage spaces, furniture makes all the difference; whether they're large pieces like bookcases and cabinets, or smaller ones like stools, tables etc... These items don't necessarily need to be modern looking either; choosing a different style can work well as long as they fit into your overall design scheme.

If you do decide to go for something new, then make sure that it's of decent quality and durable because this is one investment worth spending money on. Take a look at online furniture stores such as Houseloom so that you have an idea of what styles are available before buying anything, even if just online.

Add Some Plants

This is another way that you can create an inviting environment without having to spend too much money - buy a few indoor plants and place them around the room in different areas. You don't have to go crazy; instead try adding just one or two, so they'll stand out but won't look overpowering, which will work well with your overall design scheme. If you're not confident enough about making this decision then choose tall ones that are slender in shape, since these tend to suit contemporary decor more than anything else.

Plants are also great because they add life into any space due to their natural beauty, plus if looked after correctly then most of them require very little effort on your part when it comes to the maintenance side of things. Just make sure that you choose a suitable plant for your living space and keep it in an area with indirect sunlight, so that they'll stand a chance at surviving!

Use Mirrors To Open Up Small Spaces

Mirrors are great because they work well by reflecting light around each room which adds more brightness than usual; plus if placed correctly then this will also help increase the visual size of the area - perfect when working with small rooms or even just trying to create an illusion of something bigger. They can give rooms depth and sparkle depending on where they're positioned but remember not to place them opposite windows since this could result in glare from outside.

Use Sofas To Open Up Main Areas

In order to create more spaciousness you can add a three or four seater sofa into the mix; however this isn't necessarily an ideal choice for smaller living spaces since they tend to take up quite a bit of room when compared against other types of furniture. This means that it might be difficult finding somewhere useful to place additional items such as cabinets/bookcases etc... Make sure that there is enough space between different pieces of furniture and don't forget about safety - especially if you have children running around!

Add Some Artwork

When it comes to filling the walls you can consider getting creative by adding different types of art, especially if your living space is quite small because this should help make them look larger - just remember that they shouldn't be too busy or distracting, otherwise these might have the opposite effect! Try keeping pieces framed in order to match with other furniture items and keep things looking stylish/contemporary at all times.

Use Neutral Colours For Maximum Impact

If you're still unsure about creating a contemporary living space then try going with neutral colour schemes such as greys, whites and creams since these tend to look stylish no matter what; plus they work well when combined together in order to create the best effect possible. If this is not your preferred choice of colour combination then make sure that there's always one or two pops of colour included which might make it stand out more. With smaller rooms it's important not to overdo things so keep things simple by sticking with subtle hues instead.

Hopefully these ideas will help you to create a living space which will look stylish and contemporary when complete. Remember that getting the colour balance right is key, but with these tips in mind it should be easy enough to get things looking perfectly contemporary.

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