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King of the Castle: Getting Your Kids a Climbing Frame

A wonderful gift to your children, a climbing frame can provide years of fun, allowing children to use their bodies and imaginations instead of stealing your tablet for hours on end.

Children love playing, running, jumping, climbing. If you're tired of telling to stop climbing on the sofa or table, maybe the time has come to get them a climbing frame. Here are you options when considering getting one in your garden.

Possible options to keep the kids happy

Buy One
Simplest way to get a climbing frame is of course to buy a pre-fab one from a retailer. This is probably the best option if you aren't too into your DIY or simply don't fancy the hassle of a more personalised project.

Remember to measure you available garden space. It'd be a shame to buy one that's too big for your area. Even better, Dunster House have this cool dimension-finder, letting you browse climbing frames by their dimensions instead of their cost or name. This will save you having to trek down to a shop and get your tape measure out.

Design Your Own
If you want to give your kids a climbing frame the entire primary school will be jealous of, you can actually design your own frames piece-by-piece. This is great if you know that they would love a slide, or a sling, or a climbing net –or all three. Using this link you can build your own frame piecemeal.

Feeling like a Summer Project?
If you feel up for it, nothing says "I love you" than hand-crafting a climbing frame for your kids from scratch. This is something a lot of people have documented and experimented, so you won't be alone.

Making a climbing frame from scratch is sure to be a fun adventure - one the whole family can get behind and get excited about. It's a great gift to your children, and you can personalise it endlessly. If your boys love Disney, you can tensile their favourite characters onto it, if your girls love space ships, you can make it their own special star craft.

Helpfully, you can even order custom specific parts to augment your own designs. Some things, like a tunnel, or a climbing-net, or a slide, are too time consuming to make yourself, so you can pick and choose exciting pieces and extras on some websites.

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