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How Pet Owners Can Keep Carpets Clean – 7 Top Tips

Anyone who has a pet loves it. Anyone who has a pet and a floor that is carpeted knows how hard it is to keep the carpet clean.

After reading this, that will all change for you. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet clean while having pets in the house.

7 Carpet Cleaning Tips

1) The first one is an obvious one, vacuum your carpet regularly. It does sound like an obvious thing to do, but if you vacuum regularly then even if the dog does bring some dirt in, regular vacuuming will get rid of it.

2) Clean your pet's paws before they come into the room. Again, it may seem obvious but the amount of people who won't do it is beyond belief. It doesn't take long and could save your carpet from getting ruined and save you a lot of money.

3) Bathe your dogs on a regular basis, even up to once a week. If you bathe them regularly they will not only smell nicer, but your home and carpet will smell nicer and it will keep your carpet clean. A clean dog is a happy dog.

4) If you do get a stain, try using carbonated water (club soda for the Americans reading) to clean the stain, but only if it is a small one. If it's a big stain, such as an accident from your pet, then you should use a product made of natural enzymes to clean it and make it fresh. Remember and always treat stains as quickly as possible.

5) If possible, get your carpet cleaned professionally once every 18 months. Doing this will extend the life span of your carpet.

6) If your pet regularly messes one place on your carpet there are a number of ways to stop that happening. Even house trained dogs sometimes have accidents so to stop them doing it in one place of your carpet make that part of the carpet as unattractive as possible to them.

Spraying over the area won't help because they will go and smell that area and still be able to tell that that is where they had an accident previously. The best thing to do is to stick a bit of tin foil or something similar down on the part of the carpet affected.

Animals, dogs in particular, don't like the crinkling noise of tin foil and will stay away from it instinctively. If they continue to do the toilet in the house you will need to retrain them to keep your carpet clean.

7) If all else fails get rid of your carpet and have some wood flooring laid. It's easy to keep clean, hair free and easily wiped if any accidents do occur.

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