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Opening a Chase Bank Account

Chase Bank UK is the retail banking arm of global finance giants JP Morgan Chase. Itís one of the biggest banks in the USA, and in September 2021 it finally launched a UK current account.

What you get from opening a Chase Account


Earn 1% Cashback on everyday spending
Earn 1% cashback on nearly all everyday spending (subject to T@C's) This is a big plus compared with almost every other debit card, sadly this only lasts for 12 months from once the account is activated.

1.5% Interest on Savings
Open a Savings account from within the app and earn 1.5% on your savings, you can open multiple savings accounts and set savings goals to help you achieve your targets.

5% Interest on Roundups
Turn on the Roundup account from within the app and everytime you use your card the amount you have spent is rounded up to nearest pound, it will not earn you a fortune as the only way to get money into the roundup account is via the roundups. This effectively limits the maximum deposit to 99 pence but over time it all adds up.

Free to use abroad
You can also use your debit card abroad for purchases or ATM withdrawals without any charges. Factor in the cashback and this now becomes the number one card to use abroad.

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