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Carpets vs. Wooden Floors – The Pros and Cons

A soft, warm carpet or a clean, hard-wearing wooden floor? Both have their advantages and many of us will have our own preferences. There's no best answer as to which one is best but we'll take you through the pros and cons to help you decide which one is right for you.

Choosing your flooring



- Carpets are softer and generally more pleasant to walk on, especially in bare feet. They also feel warmer underfoot and help retain heat and insulate the room. This in turn can help reduce heating bills and your carbon footprint.

- Some people find carpets more pleasing to the eye. There's a huge variety of colours and styles available from the plain to the highly detailed and decorative and some people find it suits their personality or the colour and theme of a room.

- Carpets come in a variety of styles, qualities and price ranges. It's generally cheaper and easier to fit a carpet than to install wooden floors as well.

- Carpets, especially if dark or patterned, can hide a multitude of dusty sins. If you haven't got round to vacuuming and you have unexpected guests, the dust and fluff that shows up on a wooden floor will be less visible on a carpet. And you will get round to vacuuming once the guests have gone, right?


- Carpets won't be chipped or scratched by hard objects but may be more prone to stains. You might get away with dropping a hammer but beware the red wine!

Wooden floors


- Wooden floors rarely, if ever, go out of fashion. They can be accessorised with rugs if required to match the colour and/or theme of a room.

- Wooden floors can be easier to keep clean. There is less chance for dust mites or even a flea infestation from pets. Carpets can also retain smells even after vacuuming.

- Carpets may be cheaper to fit initially but may require changing when they are worn or if you fly on the fickle winds of fashion. Wooden floors will generally last longer and may be cheaper in the long run.


- Wooden floors can be chipped or scratched. The aforementioned red wine might wipe up easily but try not to drop heavier objects.


There are pros and cons to both carpets and wooden floors. In the end it comes down to personal preferences, budget and taste. Choose the one that's right for you, not what the latest style guide says.

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