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How to Get Your Carpet Looking Good as New

One of the most missed areas when cleaning the home is the carpet. As they retain dust and odours, if they are not tackled properly it can negate all the hard work you put into cleaning the rest of your house.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have young children or pets you may well have considered going for tiles or wooden flooring. However, carpet is still many people’s preferred choice due to the luxuriousness it can create in the living room or bedroom.

So if you opt for carpet, do you just have to put up with stains and smells that are nigh-on impossible to get out? Of course not! With recent technological advances and powerful cleaning detergents, it is now easier than ever to banish those tough stains forever.

Whether it’s a red wine stain on a white carpet, or the product of years of dirty shoes being trampled across it, it is possible to get your carpet looking good as new.

This might be shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted, but if you have a new carpet or you have managed to keep your current one in good condition, instigate a few ground rules.

Make sure shoes are taken off, that people use trays to bring their tea into the room and make some rooms pet-free zones.

Carpet Cleaners
Soaking your carpet in a powdered detergent for upholstery or a standard carpet cleaner may be all that’s necessary to get the clean you need for your carpets.

Simply sprinkle the powder over your entire carpet, remembering that some stains cannot be seen.

Add water and leave to soak for a few hours before giving the carpet a scrub down. This will ensure that all stains and spills are removed efficiently.

Steam Cleaners
For stubborn stains that just won’t go no matter how hard you scrub, a steam cleaner may be the perfect option for you. Eco-friendly and highly efficient, the steam cleaner works by using heat to remove stains as well as the bacteria that comes with them.

The use of steam means that you are effectively sanitising your floor, making it the best option for a thorough cleaning. If you have young kids and pets, consider a steam cleaner an essential.

You can pick up a steam cleaner at most electrical stores, or find a good deal online. If you insist on having carpeting; this is your main option.

Home-made products such as the use of lemon, vinegar and bi-carb can work wonders on a dirty carpet. Using ice on chewing gum stuck in your carpet and white wine on red wine stains are all common remedies for minor carpet issues.

If your carpets are in a dire condition and you don’t want to get rid of them try consulting a professional; be prepared to cough up a lot of money to have your carpet professionally cleaned though.

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