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Post Party Clean Up - Making Your Carpet Look As Good As New

If Christmas was a busy time, your home may have seen more than its ordinary share of visitors, bringing with them dirt from the outside world. January is a terrific time for new starts and a little bit of TLC can go a long way; transforming tired living spaces into a shiny, happy new home.

Carpet Care

England's seasonally foul weather brings a deluge of wet and muddy shoes, children and pets into the house and your flooring is going to take the brunt of the onslaught. It's a wearing time for all types of floor covering but carpets can be hit the hardest at this time of year, pushing carpet care up your list of priorities.

Those near the entrances to the home are going to be hit the hardest. If dirt takes hold within the pile of the carpet physical damage can be done, as it will act abrasively when pressure is applied to the carpet, damaging the carpets fibres and causing discolouration. For this reason, it's essential to vacuum all carpets regularly.

A good plan to aim for is at least once or twice a week. Reducing the amount of dirt entering your home will have a significant impact on how much ends up in the carpet. The best option is to use a porch to provide a changing area for outdoor footwear. If this is not an option, a heavy doormat can catch a lot of dirt - just remind people to use it.

When a spill occurs, it’s extremely crucial to choose the appropriate course of action to prevent staining. The quicker the better, so grab some kitchen roll or a cloth and try and get out as much as you can. If the spill is a more solid material then a flat implement, like a spatula, can be used as it will help prevent spreading the material any further. Any remaining material should be tackled with a damp cloth and then blotting excess liquid with a dry towel. Always work from the outside to the inside of the damage, so the stain does not spread further!

If all this talk of housework is exhausting, there are other solutions for a home that is far easier to maintain. The technology now exists to make easy clean carpets that are stain proof, shrugging off whatever is thrown at them and maintaining tip top condition.

Easy clean carpets are made up of man-made fibres which allow them to resist everyday household calamities, such as spilled drinks or food, helping them to remain stain free for years to come. Excellon Polyproylene fibres are used during manufacturing, bonding stain resistance to the very structure of the carpet. This even allows the use of bleach based products to remove stains without damaging the carpet. Such carpets are protected from a full range of household accidents including, spilled wine, crayons, tea or coffee and even oil.

With a range of carpet styles available to fit many decors it is an innovative product that can help keep your home to stay looking fresh and clean whilst easing the burden of household cleaning.

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