How to do DIY

Buy New Or Renovate?

If you love wooden furnishings, then you may be the type of person who likes to renovate beautiful old pieces. This approach has a great deal to be said for it. Most importantly, you simply can’t usually buy anything like the beautiful old items you may be able to pick up from junk shops, flea markets, second hand shops or antique dealers.

Finding the right piece

Depending on the quality of the piece – you may decide to do it up yourself, stripping off old finishes, and applying your own choice of finish etc., or – if it’s an item of some notable value – employing a professional to do this work for you.

Now it’s undoubtedly true that you can find some great bargains like that these days – with a level of detail and craftsmanship you’re unlikely to find in a brand new item. And if this is your thing – then great.

But these days, there are an increasing number of specialist suppliers supplying top quality wooden furnishings from sustainable sources very cheaply indeed.

What’s more, these suppliers are able to cut out the middleman by supplying on an online only basis and they’re able to offer myriad styles and finishes from many different manufacturers to suit every individual taste. The advantage of going down this route versus the renovation route is, of course, ease; it’s a lot easier to buy new than it is to renovate, though it certainly doesn’t have the same magic, nor does it confer the same sense of true ‘ownership’.

Perhaps more importantly for most people, though, is the ability to easily coordinate wooden furnishings. Buying from a range which suits your unique taste will ensure a sense of continuity throughout your home; one which is far harder to achieve when buying bits and pieces here and there to renovate.

So once a style is chosen, it’s easy to find bedroom furnishing - a bed, matching chest of drawers, and wardrobes - dining suites, dining tables and chairs, sideboards etc. and other furniture throughout the house to the same design spec’.

Each approach has different appeal – it all depends what you need.

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