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Simple And Elegant Bedroom Revamps

If you've recently moved house and are excited to have a play around with decor in your new space, or you simply fancy a change, revamping the bedroom is the perfect place to start.

A room of one's own, the bedroom should be a haven of relaxation and free of clutter. If you're looking for ideas to create an elegant and relaxing room, here's a quick guide.

Make the Bedroom a Haven for Relaxation

Creating a welcoming and relaxing bedroom starts with a comfortable and cozy bed. Depending on the size of your room - be it the shared master bedroom or a smaller guest bedroom, there are a variety of options available for durable and decorative beds.

Loft beds are ideal for smaller bedrooms, where maximising space is an absolute necessity; whereas Ottoman beds are ideal for a standard or master bedroom, ideal for storing extra linens, pyjamas, out of season clothing, or hiding valuables. If you are renovating a guest room, consider a pull-out trundle bed, so you can adapt for extra guests.

Wardrobes and Storage
Creating a functional dressing space is important for any bedroom, and the more effectively you can clear up clutter (and avoid wardrobe crises) the better. One wardrobe with built in drawer space will usually do if it is a single bedroom, or invest in an extra dresser or chest of drawers to accommodate the extra clothing of a shared room.

Make sure you create an established system for storing your clothes and shoes, so that laundry days are easier and you have no mess cluttering up your beautiful bedroom. Also consider mirror placement when purchasing a wardrobe - those with on the doors make dressing for the day stress free.

Dressing Table
Especially if you live in a shared house, or simply don't have the space for a home office, it can be necessary to create a dressing table or workspace within your bedroom. Again, organisation is key.

A sleek, simple desk will usually do the trick for just about any use, so add a lighted makeup mirror and some decorated storage jars and boxes for your makeup and jewellery for a chic dressing table. For a workspace, look out for attractive desk tidies and drawers, so that at the end of the day all your work has a home.

Personal Touches
Think about the colour schemes you'd like for an elegant, relaxing, or fun bedroom. Go nautical with lots of blue make wonderful scenery when drifting off to sleep, or fill the room with warm colours if you can't sleep with any light.

Make personal adjustments to create a personal sanctuary - be that by adding a mini library, or photos of loved ones.

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