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5 Easy, Affordable Ways To Transform Your Bathroom

People always want their bathroom to be a lavish sanctuary that's functional as well as a place to relax in comfort – and quite rightly too. It's no wonder then that, when faced with the task of renovating their bathroom, far too many people reach for the sledgehammer and the totality of their savings to create something new from scratch.

While it is a great way to get something new, it's not always necessary; the building blocks for a great bathroom are in its existing design, and all that's needed is a few cost-effective tweaks to create a fresh high quality and stylish bathroom.

5 ways to make improvements.

1. Re-Enamel Your Bath
If your bath is looking a bit dull, worn and in need of a replacement then you don't have to cringe and reach for the credit card – buying a completely new tub isn't always necessary! Providing the bath is sturdy and damaged massively in any way, a simple new coat of enamel on the bath can transform it from a tired and worn piece of bathroom furniture and into something fresh and new-looking.

2. Add A Large Mirror Above The Bath
This tip is particularly useful in small bathrooms, but can be used in any sized room to create the illusion of a much more expansive bathroom – without having to factor in the cost of extending or completely refitting your bathroom. A large mirror added above the bath, roughly at eye level, can be all it takes to make your bathroom look exquisitely large and the cost shouldn't need to run anywhere near triple figures.

3. Buy A Curved Shower Curtain Rail
Another simple and affordable way to create the illusion of more open space in your bathroom, a curved shower rail can help to make your bath feel just that bit more open when using your shower. It's a simple trick of the eye, and shouldn't break the bank – you can pick up this elegant style of rail for between £15-20.

4. Changes Your Fixtures – Not Your Furniture
It can be very tempting to throw your budget out the window and start planning replacements for everything from baths and sinks to toilets and showers but, to give your bathroom a new lease of life, it's often entirely unnecessary. As well as sprucing up, like a fresh coat of enamel for your bath or a good scrub down with diluted bleach, you can often just replace the fixtures (like taps and shower heads) to make your bathroom furniture look brand new!

5. Add A Simple Mosaic Border Or Splashback
As with your bathroom furniture, when it comes to renovations It can be incredibly tempting to just strip everything down bare and start from scratch – this might seem like it'll yield the best results, but all too often it can be totally unnecessary. You can give your existing bathroom's design a new lease of life by simply adding a few subtle décor features, and two of the most effective are mosaic borders and tiled splashbacks.

Both are great at making an otherwise bland and uninteresting bathroom stand out – you can use opposing colours (e.g black border/splashback for a white bathroom) or elegant patterns for your border or splashback just to punctuate the existing design of the room and create a fantastic feature that doesn't break the bank.

This guest post was written by Tom McShane – a blogger by day, and a lover of DIY and interior design in his spare time. With no large budgets when renovating his home, Tom stuck to these simple transformation tips (among others) and would recommend Tile Choice to anyone looking to do up their own bathroom.

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