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Bathroom Bliss

Sometimes, when you're redecorating, it can be difficult to know which room to start with.

Popular choices are often the living room or the kitchen, possibly because they are the rooms that most people see when they come to your home. The bathroom however is often your place to relax and unwind after a hard day, so clean surroundings and nice features are a must.

Room makeovers

The living room is generally a fairly easy room to do – even if it doesn't feel like it at the time. A fresh lick of paint or new curtains and carpets can make a huge amount of difference in this space, so it is an accessible and generally time friendly room to decorate, obviously depending on the size of the room and how good you are at decision making.

The kitchen is slightly trickier; there are more appliances to take into consideration, more decisions to make and a big factor in this room is ensuring that all space is utilised in a clever way. Everyone has their idea of their dream kitchen, and we find ourselves flipping through magazine articles or peering enviously around friends' houses until we manage to get our own.

A more overlooked room, however, is the bathroom. People often have grand ideas for this room, just like the kitchen, but it is much less frequent that they are acted upon. A massive reason for this will obviously be to do with plumbing; it is a specialist skill that can be expensive and you only have so much room to work with, but even if you cannot completely start from scratch with your bathroom, that is no reason to leave it un-luxurious.

The bathroom is a place of cleanliness, necessity and relaxation – where you can cool off in the shower, prepare yourself for a night on the town or relax in a long hot bath. Think of what colours soothe or invigorate you and try to weave them in somehow, either by painting the walls or introducing new bath mats or a shower curtain.

The sound of running water is refreshing and always sounds tropical, so to add to this why not put in some plants or even try some tropical scented candles. Different textured work surfaces also evoke the senses and some new tiles or adding some bamboo mats are a great way of doing this.

Mirrors are essential to make the room seem bigger and more airy, so make sure that you have one you like. For the ultimate touch of glamour, why not try an illuminated mirror which are both practical and luxurious.

If you cannot revamp your bathroom completely, give it some TLC by trying out a few of these tips and turn it into a space where you really want to be.

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