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Effective Lighting Tricks To Transform Your Bathroom

Unless you live in a palatial home with a luxury bathroom, dressing room and separate en suite, chances are you've probably wished you had a larger bathroom at some point. This is often the case if you've even been forced to share a bathroom either with family members, friends or flatmates. Similarly, those with uninspired bathrooms must often feel that they want to renovate, but are unwilling to splash out on a full new suite.

Lighting tips to improve your bathroom.

The good news is that rather than spending thousands and waiting years for an extension just to make a bathroom appear more spacious, or splashing out on all-new fittings to make it feel like a spa, investing in some clever lighting solutions can instantly transform the space giving the illusion of a costly transformation on nothing more than a light bulb budget. Read on to discover a series of exciting lighting tips from the experts which may just change the way you view your bathroom for ever:

1. Location, Location, Location.
Any estate agent will tell you that it's all about location, location, location. And if you're planning to revamp your bathroom with clever lighting, one of the first tricks to learn is placement. Focus on the key areas where you need illumination in the bathroom; the shower, the bathtub, the basin and the mirror. These are the areas which will inevitably get the most use, and therefore will need the most lighting.

Mirrors can be made the most of by combining them with two wall-mounted fixtures either side of the frame to achieve an even level of illumination when the mirror is in use. Placed above shower cubicles and baths, spotlights are a great option to ensure an even spread of light.

2. Quality matters.
It is also important to focus not just on the fixtures themselves, but to take into consideration the quality of the bulbs. Energy-saving bulbs such as LEDs will consume less energy and have much longer life span than older style lamps. Modern LEDs and GU10s are also available in a variety of colour temperatures, which should always be considered to add mood effect.

Look for colour temperatures of around 2700K (Kelvin) for maximum effect. Colour rendering is also a key quality; CRI spans a scale from 0-100, and the higher the CRI rating, the more of an effect it will have on a bathroom.

3. Mix it up.
Don't be afraid to introduce a mixture of lighting choices into the bathroom for different situations. When you want a bright and airy bathroom to wake you up early in the morning or provide excellent illumination for the school run, utilise spotlights, overhead lamps and as much natural daylight as possible. This will have the added advantage of making the room feel as big as possible.

4. Show a softer side.
When you want to relax in the bath after a long day in a cosy, spa-like haven, utilise candles, soft smaller lamps or dimmable LEDs which can be used to set the mood and transform the room entirely. It is possible to install dimmer switches in bathrooms which make managing the lighting hue that much easier and more convenient.

Following these tips can help to transform a plain bathroom into a much larger space, making use of every corner and highlighting the most used features of the room.

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