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Top Tips for Attic Renovation

You've bought a three bedroom house and already have two children. All of a sudden, you fall pregnant with a third but you don't want your children to share a room. So what is a smart way to find that extra space? It's simple – renovate your attic into a bedroom.

You might not like the idea of turning an attic into a bedroom. When you think of an attic, it isn't somewhere you want to sleep, but with the right work and design it can be the perfect bedroom.

Attic Renovation Tips

Put some skylights in to brighten the place up, decorate it with bright colours and keep it as light as possible and it can have a very homely feel to it.
Of course, there are many other things you can turn your attic into. It doesn't have to a bedroom; here are some other things you can turn it into.

Games room
Turning it into a games room could be a masterstroke in keeping your children entertained during the winter when it's cold and wet outside. Add a TV and a games console and it could keep them entertained for hours. It will also be a great place for your children to have friends over or when it is their birthday, to have a party.
It is also a great place for you to get away and relax and play some games for yourself if you want to.

Trophy Room
You could turn your attic into a trophy for your successes, your children's successes or any memorabilia that you may have collected over the years from your favourite football team or your favourite band or whatever you are interested in.
It would be a great place to take your friends to show them what you have and great for you to go in and be nostalgic about.

Cinema Room
A dream of many people is to have a cinema room in your house. Buy a projector and screen movies that you have onto it while you watch in surround sound on comfy seats. Obviously, you would need to soundproof the room because you don't want people in other rooms to have to hear it, but it would be worth it.
You could even set it up for TV, so you could watch sports, concerts or whatever you like in the room.

Renovating your attic will be an expensive project, but one that could be worth every penny if you do it right. Alternatively you could get your workwear on and your tools out and undertake the work yourself. It won't be easy but could be very rewarding.

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