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Finding space to extend in London has never been more of a challenge - modern conservatories offer a great alternative and they add value to your home

Real estate in London is like gold dust, and for those lucky enough to live in the capital, it’s rare to find houses with more than the minimum outdoor space. For this reason it can often be difficult to extend your home should you wish. But for those that do the rewards are great, with the added space not only increasing your home comforts, but also adding to the value of your home. A great way to extend your home in the small space available is by building a conservatory. These multi-purpose spaces can change the personality of the property, and with their large windows, help to bring the outdoors indoors.

Extend your home with a conservatory

One immediate bonus of conservatories over normal extensions is that they often don’t need planning permission to build, meaning you don’t have to face the financial constraints and time delays involved with the planning process. This isn’t always the case of course, so make sure that you consult the relevant authorities if you’re unsure. Cases where you may need planning permission include listed buildings, or cases where your conservatory will increase your home’s footprint to beyond 30m2, or likewise if your conservatory is to be over 4m tall, among other examples. But barring these few examples, they provide a much more pain free way of extending your home.

To make sure your conservatory really adds to the value of your property, and to avoid complaints from irate neighbours, it is of course important to make sure your conservatory is in-keeping with your home and the surrounding architecture. But that too shouldn’t cause you any problems, with conservatories available in a range of styles, from traditional Edwardian and Victorian finishes to lean-to’s and ultra-modern affairs.

With many of London’s properties built over 100 years ago, if not centuries older, another problem that can stall extension work is the individual idiosyncrasies of each property – slight differences in shape, size and construction that can make adding to them different. However, here again, conservatories offer a wide range of easy solutions. In today’s market, it’s easy to have bespoke conservatories designed to fit your home, ensuring that they really bring the extra value out of your property without any construction nightmares. The ease with which they’re constructed too means that you can reap the benefits of your extension in weeks compared to the months that full-blown building works might drag on.

On the other hand, with many UK conservatory suppliers offering DIY packages too, it is possible to construct your conservatory yourself. Here again, they offer a great solution of traditional extensions, with DIY conservatories often proving much cheaper than other models, and even cheaper still than traditional extensions.

The great thing is that through relatively little financial investment and physical effort, you can increase your home’s value by adding a truly multipurpose space to your home. The advent of UPVC windows means that they remain very well insulated, and depending on their location, they can have many different uses. South-facing conservatories particularly offer great spaces to grow indoor plants if you’re worried about losing your garden space, and enable you to enjoy the feel of being outside even in Britain’s cooler climes. Likewise North, East and West facing rooms will still catch morning and midday sun, making great breakfast and dining rooms, or equally light work spaces.

So don’t let London limit your dream home. Investing in a conservatory today could make the world of difference to your life, and to your property value.

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