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How to Create a Chalk Board Accent Wall

If you want to give your master bedroom a makeover, an accent wall can create a striking focal point. Accent walls are great for contemporary homes that lack character or architectural interest.

You can create an accent wall simply by making one wall different to the rest. With this in mind, here is a step by step guide to creating a chalk board accent wall.

Required steps for an accent wall

Start with a Blank Canvas
Before you get started, it is essential to ensure that you are painting onto a clean, smooth surface. Miss out this vital step and your chalkboard will not appear smooth. You may need to apply a coat of primer if you are painting over vinyl paint but if your bedroom walls already have a coat of matt paint, you can apply chalk board paint directly onto this.

Buy Chalk Board Paint
In order to create a fabulous accent wall, you will need to invest in high quality chalk board paint. You can find this online with a simple Google search. Chalk board paint comes in a range of colours should you wish to opt for something a little more adventurous than black. Stir the paint for a few minutes before you apply it as this will ensure an even application. Make sure that you reach right to the bottom of the can and stir occasionally throughout the application process.

Apply Initial Coats
Use a roller to apply at least six coats of the chalk board paint for adequate coverage. If you are using a paint brush, three coats should be enough. Your new chalk wall will require at least four hours drying time. Once the paint is dry you can decide whether or not to apply additional coats.

Decorate your Chalk Board Wall
The best thing about a chalk board wall is that you can change the way it looks at the drop of a hat. Cover it in your favourite quotes or lyrics from your favourite songs. However, if you fancy a more sophisticated look, wash off the chalk designs and show off your matt black wall.

Create a Focal Point
A chalk board accent wall will completely change the dynamic of your bedroom and as a result, you may need to upgrade your furniture to complete the look. If your bed currently hides most of your accent wall, go online to find one that complements it. You can find beautiful metal beds online at Beds Warehouse.

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