New UKWebUK Directory

Warm greetings to the new directory. I hope it will meet all your expectations.

Out with the old in with the new


The script the old page was running on was long overdue an upgrade. It had become out of date, unsupported and was incompatible with all recent versions of PHP so an upgrade was an absolute must.

I have spent many hours manually adding submissions made from the last year or so as well as many others for some of the newly made categories. It is possible however that I may have missed some.

So whats new?

  • All link submissions will be free for the forseeable future (though not all links will neccessarily be approved, as always submissions will be reviewed for quality and relevance).
  • Users now have the option to register. Upon registering you will have the options to upgrade submissions you have had approved to either sponsored or premium (more info on that to come later).
  • Listings can now be commented and rated (I will be offering a service to comment and rate your site for all premium and sponsored listings at your request).
  • You may now submit an image with your listing relevant to your site. This could be a company logo or screenshot of your site for example)
  • Captchas are now used in order to prevent the use of bots or accidental submission.
  • Sponsored listing's have the option of being linked from the front page slideshow for the first year. Send me your 1600x400 image, this can be a site screenshot or a company logo or just something very specific to your sites particular niche (Please do not send pixelated low quality images). This is a fantastic way to showcase your listing page.
  • Deep links are no longer supported on the submission page. I will however consider additional submissions from pages from the same site as long as they are significantly different from the niche of the main page (for example will fit into a different category). I am unlikely to permit multiple submissions of the same site into the same category.


Please don't hesitate to send me your feedback and suggestions

Kind regards UKWebUK webmaster


Posted On: Feb-21-2020 @ 02:30pm
Last Updated: Feb-21-2020 @ 02:45pm


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